Developed for your home gym and personal training studio.

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The ultimate training station for heavy hitters, boxing gyms and commercial use.

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boxing machine


Boxmaster and Fightmaster are revolutionary new products that have changed how gym members and home fitness users perceive boxing. The Boxmaster and Fightmaster boxing machine pads have been arranged to replicate the different angles associated with each type of punch. This allows the participant to throw any punch or any combination of punches at any time, creating a realistic flow to the workout unlike other boxing products on the market. 

  • Adjustable tower makes BoxMaster and Fightmaster the perfect fit for all fighters, adjusting in height from 5’0” to 6’10” 
  • 12 perfectly positioned striking pads to accommodate a variety of specific punches
  • A proprietary spring-arm design provides optimal strike absorption for maximum efficiency and injury prevention. 
  • Total body conditioning with FREE ONLINE EDUCATION including Machine Setup, How to Throw a Punch Tutorials and a 6-round workout as well as active recovery.
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Connor McGregor, Chris Eubank Junior, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Valentina “Bullet” Schevchenko, Anthony Joshua, Renzo Gracie, Laila Ali, Hugh Jackman, Robert DeNiro, The Pentagon US Department of Defense, Salt Bae, Combat Sports Academy, American Kickboxing Academy, Team Alpha Male, YMCA America.

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Conor McGregor using the boxmaster boxing machine

I love this machine, it’s saved me during this lockdown. The absorption plus the separation of the pads, make it quite a unique and beautiful device to thump around. Hard to tell the difference between one pad to the other, but it’s quite a distance. It’s almost like clattering a few around.

Connor Mcgregor

2 Times UFC Champion

Hugh Jackman using boxmaster boxing machine

It’s just unbelievable, what you feel around here and the muscles you didn’t know you had. It’s really good.

Hugh Jackman

Academy Award Winning Actor - "Wolverine"

Using the boxmaster boxing machine

The Fightmaster is a great machine for any home gym. Whether you’re a boxer or never boxed before it’s a great solid product to give you a boxing cardio workout.

Claire Ghabrial

Gym Owner, 5 x Australian Champion & 2 x International Gold Medalist