Fazio’s PD Fighters Workout Program

Based on our successful 2021 Clinical Trial and 2023 Medical Paper published in the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Fazio’s PD Fighters (FPDF) is a one of a kind fitness program that empowers clients to take on Parkinsons one punch at a time. Designed by former Australian Boxing Champion, Rai Fazio and supported by evidence based research, FPDF works to alleviate the common symptoms of Parkinsons while building your strength, fitness and confidence.

Fazio’s PD Fighters allows you to train in the comfort of your own home with the same program used by our clinical trial participants. With 3 different levels of workouts and a range of warmup and cardio exercises, FPDF meets you where you are on your wellness journey and can adapt to meet your needs as you go. You’ll be guided through each workout by Rai himself, with a number of trainer watch points to support your safety throughout. You can play, pause and rewind the videos at any point allowing you to work at a pace that suits your fitness level. With 4 new workouts released every quarter, you’ll continue to be challenged and learn a range of new skills.

You’ll find a range of resources and articles in our community area, as well as opportunities for Q & A with health professionals and live workout classes with our trainers.

Not sure if FPDF is right for you? Watch our Documentary below and listen to testimonials from the participants themselves.

Ready to go? Get set up for your FPDF subscription here and get the essentials you need – buy your Fightmaster Pack.

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