Where it all began

My father began boxing with his brothers in Sicily at a very young age before moving to Genoa in the North of Italy where he boxed as an amateur at Trionfono Genovese Boxing Gym, est 1954 and still currently operating. Like many Italians my father immigrated to Australia in ’64 and began his new life as a boiler maker. In 1969 he was approached by a young apprentice, also a boxer, Alex Laurin who invited him to come and watch him fight. Alex got beat and Joe commented that although he had guts his trainer “didn’t know how to train a chicken”. Alex convinced Joe to take over his training and went on to win his next 5 fights by K.O in the first round and became the National Middle-weight Champion. That was it, Joe got the boxing bug again and started The Balga Boxing Club in his backyard in 1969.

I was born in September ’67 and by August of ’72, just before my fifth birthday, I had had my first fight. I had my last fight in the ring in my late teens winning the gold medal at the nationals with approximately 50 amateur bouts under my belt. I then turned my attention to helping my Dad train others and opening my own gym. My father continued to run The Balga Boxing Club for nearly 53 years before his passing in September of 2022. My father like thousands of boxing trainers was selfless and dedicated his whole life to hundreds of young fighters, turning boys into men as well as the countless number of people looking to simply learn the basics for their health and wellbeing.

I remembered listening to my father complaining about having sore shoulders, elbows and fingers and pretty soon I felt his pain, suffering the same injuries from training others. I noticed a big void in the market which inspired me to create a range of legitimate boxing products that had never been done before. These products not only assist trainers to work with clients and avoid injury, they are also exciting to use for both fighters wanting to create the fight and novices looking to learn the basics.

I hope your product brings you as much joy as I’ve had in developing them across the years.

Stay ready,
Rai Fazio