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Dynamic, Engaging Whole body workout

Boxmaster and Fightmaster are the perfect addition to any gym or studio setup. Ideal for group training, circuit classes and personal training these machines provide a dynamic, engaging whole body workout with the benefit of protecting trainers by removing physical contact with clients. Boxmaster is recommended for high traffic areas of use such as MMA and Boxing gyms. Boxmaster is a commercial grade product built to handle the toughest of fighters. They can be bolted directly into concrete flooring or attached to a wooden base for all other flooring options.

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Fightmaster is a lightweight durable version of Boxmaster suitable for small studios and home gym setups. With a wheeled base, these are easy to relocate between classes and can be used to provide the same great workout as Boxmaster at a fraction of the cost. Please note Fightmaster requires weighting down, this can be done with olympic plates or Sandbags.

Both products come with extensive free online education that can be easily accessed by both trainers and clients. This allows the machines to also be used at times when trainer assist is unavailable. 

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